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CE apply ongoing Expandable Retractor with ultra-thin titanium alloy blade for small open surgery

Expandable Retractor

Expandable Retractor System is an operation instrument designed by our company according to the clinical requirements. It is intended for orthopaedic surgeries to help the surgeons to maximize the visualization with less injuery. The high transimitting performance fiber optics provides sufficient light to the surgery field. This product is suitable for spine surgery and general open surgery,  used in conjunction with medical cold light source, dilating tube and fixed arm.
Expandable Retractor System is intended to help surgeons to maximize the visualization with less injury.
 - The retractor blade (dilatation tube) of the latest generation is made of ultra-thin titanium alloy, which ensures the strength while most of the rays can be transmited, and there is little influence on the image of surgical field, so it can be used with the eccentric instruments for small open surgery. 
- When performing lateral retracting, surgeons can freely choose unilateral or bilateral when deeded.

About samples

1. How to apply for free samples?
lf the item(you selected) itself have stock with lower value, we can send you some for testing, but we need your comments after tests.

2. What about the charge of samples?
lf the item (you selected) itself have no stock or with higher value, usually double its fees.

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Yes. The payment can be deducted from your first order's total amount when you pay.

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You got two options:
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Expandable Retractor System (2)037

The Titanium material improve the visibility when using the fluoroscope;Various tubes options based on your specific needs;

Product Name


retractor tube


retractor tube


retractor tube


Expandable Retractor System (3)gzs

The Titanium material improve the visibility when using the fluoroscope;Various hooks options based on your specific needs; 

Product Name


Retractor Hook


Retractor Hook


Retractor Hook


Retractor Hook


Expandable Retractor System (4)enw

Sequential Dilators

Dilator 1

φ4.8×228 mm

Dilator 2

φ8.8×208 mm

Dilator 3

φ12.5×188 mm

Dilator 4


Dilator 5


Dilator 6


Dilator 7


Expandable Retractor System (5)cgv
Expandable Retractor System (6)edz
Flex Arm Assembly
Double headed, standard threaded interface
Illumination ≥ 50000lx