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Remote Controlled Injection Manipulator for minimizing the radiation exposure of x-rays to the surgeon

Remote Controlled Injection Manipulator


With the population aging problem in modern society, the incidence of Osteoporosis tend to ascend, thus the occurrence of vertebral compression fracture is increasing year by year. Osteoporotic fracture has become a public health problem that should be solved quickly. Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty is surely the first choice treatment for the disease. In vertebroplasty, physicians use image guidance to inject a cement mixture into the fractured bone through a hollow needle. In kyphohplasty, a balloon is first inserted into the fractured bone through the hollow needle to create a cavity or space. The cement is injected into the cavity once the balloon is removed. In the process of surgery, it takes the doctor 3 to 5 minutes or even longer to monitor the condition when inject the contrast medium into the balloon and inject the bone cement into the vertebra body. The radiation can cause the damage to the operator, which is a factor that can' t be ignored to handicap the promotion of the technology . Based on our years experience in promotion of clinical application of vertebroplasty technology, we have designed a remote controlled device which can be operated in the control room or behind the protective glass to inject the contrast medium into the balloon and inject the bone cement into the vertebra body. It will protect the operator from the risk of radiation.



● A patent device based on our decades of experience in MISS field;
● For injecting bone cement and contrast medium in PVP and PKP surgery;
● Less radiation exposure, more operation safety;
● Accurate, safe, reliable, easy handling.
The dual-core CPU and double controls system make the injection volume well commensurate with the injection progress.
The button of Emergency braking prevents the unintended operation in case the machine is out of work.
The pre-set function of the controller makes accurate control of the injection volume.
The controller can be handled by the touch button as well as the manual imitate rotating handle to meet the need of different habits.
Easily switching between Pressure and Volume allows the operator to get the instant changes both in pressure andvolume.
Simultaneous display on the hand-held controller and the display screen make an easy observation of injection condition.
The control box can be adjusted vertically and horizontally according to the angle of the puncture needle.
The display screen on the control box can be rotated 270 degree for the easy observation.
The stand can be freely moved and at the same time be firmly locked.
The height of the stand can be adjusted by the telescopic device in the middle of the stand.
The lock handle on the holding device make the holder work more reliable and can be easily dismantled.