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CE Marked Percutaneous Discectomy Pack for removal of a portion of the nucleus pulposus

Percutaneous Discectomy Instruments Pack


Percutaneous (cervical) lumbar discectomy and aspiration involves the removal of a portion of the nucleus pulposus of a herniated disc under fluoroscopy to reduce pressure on the disc, and the use of the modulus of elasticity of the annulus fibrosus volume to make the  reduction  the displaced disc tissue to relieve nerve compression. The symptoms of nerve compression can be relieved by utilizing the elastic modulus of the annulus fibrosus.



● Excellent assistant for percutaneous nuclectomy surgery;
● Innovative instruments to facilitate percutaneous nuclectomy procedure;
● Customized procution meets different requirements;
● Full range of instruments cover cervical and lumbar surgery;
● Sterilized pack, single use only.
Two types are available namely: DCS-JI and DCS-YI, used for cervical and lumbar surgery respectively.
Sterilized pack, single used only.

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