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High quality PELD System for vertebral herniation and endoscopic fusion instruments

Endoscopic instruments

Endoscopic Instruments (1)cvr
Instruments Set - Precise and Durable

● Full set of instruments can cover transforaminal approach, interlaminar approach,  dorsal ramus rhizotomy as well as some mild spinal stenosis surgeries;
● The instruments can meet kinds of methods of intervetebral foraminoplasty. Special positioning needles and protecting cannulas available;
● The special depth stop helps to limit the introducing depth of instruments to ensure the security;
● Custom instruments are welcome ;
Endoscopic Instruments (2)z8v
Puncture Needle

Three different sizes available:
18G (1.2mmx160mm)
20G (0.9mmx310mm)
22G (1.6mmx200mm)

Endoscopic Instruments (3)2w1
Diameter : 0.8mm, 1.2mm available. Memory Alloy.
Endoscopic Instruments (4)vzy
Working Tube

The working length of 175mm for posterolateral access;
The working lenght of 120mm for posterior access.
The working tubes are available in different tips: 30° bevel, 45° bevel and arc shaped.
Endoscopic Instruments (5)2kw

Three sizes available.
Additional protecting tube for trephines.
Endoscopic Instruments (6)7dk
Endoscopic trephine 

Used through the intra-endoscopic working channel to resect the superior articular process accurately. 
Endoscopic Instruments (7)mzx

The head of reamer is blunt to deflect the nerve root. More secure.
Endoscopic Instruments (8)8cm
Depth Stop

Used in concert with the dilators. Helped to push the dilators and limit the dilator’ depth. No damage to the instruments.
Endoscopic Instruments (9)3dj
Precise and Durable-Dragon Crown Forceps

Different sizes available
Endoscopic Instruments (10)sce
Strong and Long-lasting: Dragon Crown Kerrisons

The kerrisons are used to remove bone, capsul tissue, ligament flavum, etc under endoscopic view.
Endoscopic Instruments (11)ovm
Surgical Electrode

Compatible with most RF Generator
Targeted and precise application
Stable ablation and discharging
Ergonomic handle design

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